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Sustainable Fashion Startup

Renée is a unisex Ready-to-wear brand inspired by the core memories of African American culture. 

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Launched in 2023 during September NYFW, Renée was established with collaboration from Hypbeast and Gusher's Black Voices Create Initiative. Jumping on this amazing opportunity,


The brand continued to create a sustainable core collection inspired by 90's nostalgia and black culture. Our newest venture is functional sustainability, where clothing transforms into bags or separate pieces.


As the founder of Renée nyc, I make sustainability a core brand value, striving to make a positive impact on the environment using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. I am inspired by my childhood memories and the concept of human connection in the world around me. Our partnership with Hypebeast and Gusher's Black Voices Create initiative has allowed us to showcase our passion for responsible fashion. With the brand is built on a foundation of nostalgia, culture, streetwear, our innovative ideas will continue to push boundaries with sustainability 

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Check out Renée

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