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The full picture

I'm Camryn McClain, a fashion designer from Silver Spring, Maryland with a passion starting from the age of 7, now based in New York City.

With my early years shaped by an arts and humanitarian high school, I thrived in thrifting and putting on fashion shows in my highschool's fashion club. In 2018 following my first Baltimore fashion week, I jumped on a plane and moved to Florence, Italy for my first year of college at Polimoda. I studied fashion, art history, and culture broadening my design perspective into luxury aesthetics. Later moving back to New York, I studied and interned, assisting with various fashion brands such as Perry EllisPrivate Policy, and Cinque á Sept, gaining invaluable industry experience. Soon enough, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA specializing in sportswear (RTW) fashion design. After graduating I landed my first job assisting in Women's RTW at Coach.

In 2023, I had my first collaboration with Hypebeast and Black Voices Create by Gushers, creating a small sustainable capsule collection. Seeing this as a sign, I took a bold step in founding my brand, Renée, which debuted during New York Fashion Week that September. Renée is my first startup, inspired by my childhood memories at my family's cosmetology school in DC. Now it has transformed into a study of culture, nostalgia, and human connection through clothing. The brand utilizes sustainable practices and is committed to transforming the world of fashion. 

Beyond fashion, I enjoy travel, movies, art exhibits, and playing volleyball! You can always catch me at your local vintage store sifting through boxes for special finds or at flea markets connecting with local artisans. 


With Renée, I aspire to redefine sustainable fashion, adding a fresh perspective as a black woman designer. Join me on this exciting journey as we reshape the future of fashion together!

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