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Camryn McClain

Creative, Designer, Sustainability enthusiast, Innovator

A bit of me.

Who is Camryn?

Welcome to the world of Camryn! From a young age, I knew I wanted a career in fashion. After graduating high school, that dream became a reality in 2018 following my first fashion show for Baltimore Fashionweek.  Since then, I have been lucky to take part in a variety of projects, all of which have become part of my ongoing journey as a creative.


I work hard to execute my ideas while exploring creative ways to bring them to light. Browse my portfolio for examples of my latest work and contact information. I am always open to collaborations, so please get in touch!

Hybeast x Gusher's Collaboration

Our first major collaboration with Hypbeast is Sponsored by Gusher's Black Voices Create. This sustainable, unisex capsule collection was presented during NYFW in September 2023.

This collection was inspired by my love of 90's nostalgia, and my connection to black hair.

Key Projects

Checkout my portfolio page to see more.

Let's Work Together

My name is Camryn McClain

As a young designer and entrepreneur, I have learned a lot from my experience in the industry. Though I have started to curate who I am today, I am always open to connecting and learning more. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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